New THINK! road safety campaign launched to help cut child deaths

So I recently witnessed an incident that is something that we as parents fear for our children; As I was cycling on my way into the office last week I witnessed a child get hit by a car nearby to Baffins Pond; a spot that as we all know is very popular with children and I am sure that we have all seen them darting from out of nowhere narrowly avoiding colliding with a car or worse a bus! Sadly this young boy was not so lucky and didn’t give the poor driver any time to react. 


I found myself kneeling down beside the child, reassuring the boy who was insistent that he didn’t want to remain still that he shouldn’t move and to instead wait for the paramedics to arrive and give both the boy and the driver the all clear.  – The TPN team’s thoughts are with the driver, child and family. 

On the rest of the journey in to work whilst running through all of what had just happened in my head; my mind wondered towards the Green Cross Code and all the road safety campaigns that I was aware of. 

Once back in the office, and after a hot coffee and explaining to the team what had happened I did some online research. The THINK! Campaigns, run by the Department for Transport has a number of educational resources to help parents who want to talk to their children about road safety and has helped reduce child road deaths by 90% since records began in 1979.

THINK! Have released new road safety resources to help teachers and schools highlight the dangers of the road.

A recent survey revealed that 67% of children get fewer than 2 hours of road safety education in their whole time at school and the new THINK! campaign will help schools and teachers highlight the dangers of the road and encourage best practice for children.

The latest THINK! campaign will feature a wide range of brand new education resources, including easy to follow lesson plans, 2 new films co-created with school children and a song in a bid to make teaching road safety lessons easier and more accessible.

The first documentary-style film follows a group of school children as they act out how to cross the road safely after learning to use the Stop, Look, Listen, Think code. 

The second film follows another 6 children on their different journeys to school, including walking, cycling and scooting. They explain their top tips for getting to school safely in the form of a new road safety song.

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THINK! has been running campaigns for more than 50 years and has successfully challenged a number of behaviours and attitudes to improve road safety, including drink driving, drug driving and using handheld phones while driving. THINK! campaigns have helped reduce the number of deaths from 22 a day in 1960 to current levels of 5.

Can you believe the Hedgehogs Road Safety Campaign – Stayin Alive was 11 years ago?! 

By Kevin Earl – For The Parenting Network

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