Therapeutic Developmental Baby Massage to relax and bond.

Delivered by experienced and certified teachers in Portsmouth, with all profits from courses funding our community services. Every penny spent by you on our baby massage course increases the offer of services we provide to local vulnerable families. 

Relax and bond


Using the universal language of touch to deepen your bond with your baby, our sessions help to boost oxytocin (the happy love hormone) for parents and babies. Make time to tune in and reduce cotisol (the stress hormone) for you both.

Relief, mobility and strength


Improve circulation, muscle relaxation and joint flexibility with gentle techniques that can help soothe babies suffering from wind, colic or constipation, and set them up with a strengthened immune system and digestive rhythm.

Massage oils


We complete our first session with babies fully clothed to introduce them to the world of baby massage and to comfort them as they settle into the group. In this session we explore the therapeutic properties of natural oils, ready to use these in the following sessions.

Tea and biscuits


As well as nurturing your precious baby with loving massage, we want to make sure this time is special for you too. There is always social time in our sessions to talk, share experiences, and find support from other parents of young babies.

About Shelly


Mother, support coordinator, baby massage teacher, friend

As a mother of one, Shelly is besotted with the parent-baby relationship, and channels all of her professional and much of her personal life into supporting parents. As our Young Families Coordinator, Shelly is an experienced early years professional and certified developmental baby massage practitioner who completed her training with internationally renowned and respected teacher trainer; Peter Walker. Shelly is one of only a few practitioners to have completed the most up to date training with Peter Walker which allows her to work with families and their newborn babies. Get in touch if you would like some bespoke support with your newborn before attending a course after your babies 6 week check.

Suitable for babies from 6 weeks to crawling away

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